How to Write a Kick-Ass Business Plan – Even if you know nothing about business


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You have an amazing idea for a business. In fact, you just know your service is going to help sooo many people. Not to mention, you have all these ideas swimming around in your entrepreneurial brain! If only you knew how to get from concept to actually launch it.

The unnerving fact is, you have no idea how to start a business. You know the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ but you need guidance on the ‘how’. Therefore, investing in a business plan writing course is just what you need to stop spinning your wheels.

Writing your own business plan can be extremely beneficial. This is because, you’ll learn first-hand how your business will run from the beginning, right through the first 5 years. Sadly, most businesses fail. According to this article, they fail due to poor planning.

Is your business viable?
Where will you get financing?
Is your business model feasible?
Do you even have a business model?
How fast do you want the business to grow?
What will the challenges be?
Do you have an exit strategy?

I’m developing a comprehensive, easy-to-follow business plan writing ebook that will guide you through the business plan writing process. 

You’ll learn:
  • Where to start (it’s not where you think)
  • What supporting documents you’ll need
  • How to research every aspect of the business
  • Where to look for financing
You’ll receive:
  • An easy to follow step by step guide to writing your plan
  • My business plan template
  • Financial projections template
  • Confidence to present your plan to investors, potential partners, and potential customers

You’ll even discover whether or not your business is viable (that alone is worth the investment). Don’t waste blood, sweat, and tears on winging it or even starting a business that doesn’t even make sense! By writing a business plan, you’ll learn what strategies and models will work before you waste any more time and money.


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Volleyballer, dog mom, Feng Shui buff, and minimalist wannabe. Treana is obsessed with simplifying processes for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


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