Small business bookkeeping is one of the tasks most small business owners or entrepreneurs procrastinate on (no, you’re not the only one). Most people don’t like doing it but it’s something that can’t be ignored. The longer you put it off, the harder it is to catch up on.

Bookkeeping can also be an incredible tool in growing your business. If the books are kept up to date, areas for improvement can be spotted and mistakes can be found before it’s too late. Trends can also be seen, which can determine where you’re spending too much or not enough.

Hiring a bookkeeper can save you money, can save you time, reduces stress and enables you to build your business.

All monthly bookkeeping plans include:

  • Unlimited client communication
  • Unlimited accountant communication
  • Monthly subscription to Quickbooks Online
  • Receipt management
  • Monthly bookkeeping entries
  • Payroll (if applicable)
  • T4/T5 prep (if applicable)
  • Accounts reconciliations
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Quarterly meeting
  • Year-end tax prep


P.S. I specialize in bookkeeping catchup so if your books have fallen behind, drop me an email at and I’ll arrange for a quote.

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