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Hi there!

I’m Treana and I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners become more productive in their businesses.

I see so many small business owners struggling to keep up with the daily business operations. Working 80 hours a week and not catching up. Many business owners spend at least half that time on paperwork, bookkeeping, scheduling, planning, marketing, customer service and other business functions and are unable to really focus on the product or service they love to create and provide to the world.

Nobody started their own business so they could work more hours and make less money. They started because they are passionate about their product or service. That’s what they should be focusing on. I help them free up time to focus on what they love by simplifying processes and providing support when needed.

My philosophy is to keep processes and tasks as simple as possible. Declutter the unnecessary tools, processes and policies. I love the straightforward and simplistic nature of the book Rework and base many of my strategies on it.

I work remotely from my home office and can typically run with any project I’m challenged with. Throughout my diverse career I’ve always found faster and better ways of getting things done.

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