Resume Writing

Writing about yourself is hard. Especially, when you have to highlight your greatest achievements.

You will receive a professional resume that grabs employers’ attention. It will tell a relevant, comprehensive and confident (not desperate or arrogant) story in a limited amount of space. No, your resume does not need to be one page. However, it needs to grab their attention in a very short amount of time. I will position the most relevant information where it needs to be.

In the current competitive job market, you need to stand out. Even if you are fully qualified. Some employers even use resume scanning systems to weed out candidates not qualified for the position. I will increase your chances of passing the system by using keywords and accepted formats.

Writing a resume isn’t as simple as listing your previous jobs and skills. It needs to express the type of person you are. Not to mention, typos will get your resume tossed to the side faster than anything.

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